A Welcome Home

Your bespoke home service

Many of us long to live in elegant, open, light and warm spaces that make us happy and welcome us home at the end of the day. There is great joy in having a home which meets our needs and aspirations for living, relaxing and entertaining. Homes that thrill and excite us, or make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Spaces that speak of our own personality and style.

If you would like to improve your home, to add an extension, remodel or even create a whole new house and garden, we can offer a fully bespoke service and help you achieve your dream home.

Why choose Bottle Kiln Design?

Creating Connections

The inside outside relationship

We are particularly interested in designing across the boundaries of architecture and garden design. Our most interesting and rewarding schemes are often those where the design of house and garden, and their relationship to each other, are considered as a whole.

The Whole Process

From start to finish

We can offer a complete service from design, liaising with planners, building and electrical works, right through to the finishing touches.

Unique and individual

Designed for you

The most important thing to us is to design and build something beautiful and enduring for you. Finding the best way to approach this is key to achieving the best result within your budget.

Style and Context

Thoughtful materials

Our schemes can involve both the bold and dramatic use of contemporary materials, or the use of local, natural or reclaimed materials depending upon your chosen style or context. We particularly like working in a conservation context where a sympathetic approach to the melding of the old and new is required.

Craftsmanship and Creativity

Build quality

What gives us the most pleasure is working with our customers to design and construct things of real craftsmanship and beauty. Things that we are proud to have made, and which we know will give you enjoyment for many years to come.

The “WOW” Factor

Extensions and remodeling

Most of us achieve our dream home over a period of time through extending and altering our properties. In deciding what changes to make, context is often the key.

Period properties and modern homes

If your property already has a strong architectural identity, or belongs within an historical or conservation setting, there may be limitations on materials and approach. It is sometimes a challenge, but always a joy, to work on such projects to create something often adventurous and innovative whilst retaining a close connection to the context.

For many of us, though, our properties have no strong sense of identity in themselves. Altering or extending them is an opportunity to add drama, and even some ‘wow’, to lift the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Design And Build

A brand new home and garden

The majority of our work involves extending living spaces and, in particular, integrating indoor and outdoor areas. We also work with clients who make the bold decision to start from scratch. We help them design and build a completely new house to suit their own requirements.

Dream it

Here we often start by sketching out several quite different styles and ideas—from the striking and contemporary to the traditional. In this way, we uncover what excites the client. Scrapbooks and idea-boards often prove a useful resource where the client has spent time gathering images that interest and excite them in preparation for this journey.

Build it

Bottle Kiln Design’s approach is somewhat unusual in that we have always specialised in the design and construction of house and garden together, rather than their being done by separate professionals without relation to each other. It is always a joy to help people go through the process, and to help them realise their dream.

Our Work

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It all begins with an idea

Maybe you’d like to extend or remodel your property, or would like a new home developed. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project.