A Small Family Business

Our background

Whilst remaining a small family business our skills, interests and experience have evolved over the years to encompass a wide range of design and build work. From the small to medium sized garden schemes for which we are best known locally, to the design and construction of garden buildings, summer houses, garden-room house extensions. On occasion, larger-scale home renovation projects and new homes complete with their garden surrounds.

Our team is highly experienced in Horticulture and Landscape Technology also specialists in garden design. We have designed extensions and new buildings for over 25 years, with a wealth of experience in the field of architecture and building design.

The Way We Work

Design and build services

We are a design and contracting business undertaking work across the East Midlands. We offer our customers everything required in house, from initial consultation through to project completion.

Whilst our reputation is largely for the gardens that we design and build, we also undertake design and construction work aimed at integrating our clients’ home with their garden and outside spaces with a focus on bringing together both the outdoor and indoor. We have a particular interest in working across these boundaries with a combined and complementary design, bringing the outdoors in!

How to start

The first stage is to arrange an informal visit to meet you and to look at your existing house and garden spaces, and discuss what you would like to achieve. There is no cost or commitment involved at this stage, just an open sharing of ideas on first impressions to get a sense of what you hope for and what we may be able to help you to achieve.

We will then follow this up with some initial thoughts on what we can offer with an outline of any cost structure and fees that are likely to be involved.


Design work will be carried out involving surveying the area, drawing up plans to illustrate ideas and options and to help discuss budget alternatives. We have a small team of designers with skills including architectural and interior design as well as the landscaping and garden design for which we are perhaps best known. The fee charged for initial design work is most commonly in the region of £150 – £400 plus VAT for smaller garden schemes scaling up for more complex garden and architectural projects.

Where we are invited to work on larger or more complex schemes, especially those requiring planning or listed building consents, then we are very happy to manage and bring together all of the professional services required to carry these out, and will work with you to agree fees and cost structures for this work to be undertaken.

If clients require help with initial design ideas only or with a completed garden design which they or others may construct, then we are very happy to provide this as a design only service.


Full quotations with quantities and costs to carry out works based on our own design work can usually be provided within a week. There is no additional charge for providing full quotations.

Once the design and costing phase is complete, we can then schedule exactly what you wish to undertake. Often our larger schemes are carried out in a phased approach, whilst most smaller schemes are usually carried out as a single project. We will usually be able to agree a start date and a timescale for the work to be completed.

We have a dedicated project manager who oversees all of our own project work along with teams of highly skilled staff who carry out a wide range of projects ranging from full house builds, home extensions and renovations along with hard and soft landscaping schemes.

As a practice we take great pride in all our work ensuring completion to a high standard.

It all begins with an idea

Maybe you’d like to extend or remodel your property, or would like a new home developed. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project.