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Tale of Two Ponds

A tired garden needed refreshing with the customer’s requirement that the main feature be two linked bodies of water; one a deeper and stiller pool for water lilies and some fish, the other, lower pond a wildlife friendly pond with shallow margins and marginal planting to be occupied by the frogs and newts. We also built a short section of wall attached to the house to frame and enclose the patio at one end and provide some shelter on breezy days, and behind this a wood store area. The soil was heavy clay, so new soil was imported and a new lawn laid leaving beds for our customer who is a keen gardener to enjoy finding plants to fill them over a period of time.

Circular pond fed by long, raised pond behind
View across slabbed patio towards two ponds
Closeup of circular pond showing pebbles in water
Brick-built wood store
View from above of slabbed patio leading to two ponds
Close view across circular pond