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Olive Grove in the Garden

A modern house which had a garden sloping up from the house with red painted fences and concrete paving slabs. The customer had improved the house by adding bifold doors and new modern windows which made an important link between the house and the garden, and wanted a low maintenance contemporary relaxing and entertaining space which could be fully open to and seamless with the living space inside. We designed a garden using ceramic tiles to match those used inside and raised the paving level to bring it close to that inside the house. Black basalt walling and wall cappings provide seating around the perimeter, and a feature wall with composite decking give a raised space in the afternoon sunshine. A lighting scheme makes this a beautiful area at night as well as during the daytime, and the use of a group of mature olive trees and cypress with a continental feel makes this feel like it belongs in a warmer climate and gives a good evergreen structure to the garden. A lovely modern entertaining space with almost no maintenance.

Olive grove with black basalt wall
Paving and border wall with rocks and pebbles
Raised wooden decking
Black basalt steps
Close-up of raised wooden decking area
Overhead view of olive grove garden at night