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Oak Gazebo

A new house which had a lawn sloping away from the house, and a need to add interest and screening as other new properties were being built close behind. The customer added a garden room to the back of the house and we erected a summerhouse to fill the area behind the garage to give workshop and storage space. We then built up the garden to give a level lawn with retaining structures hidden around the perimeter, and then designed a garden based around a porcelain paving, red clay pavers to bring the colour of the house into the garden, a water feature which adds interest to the shady side of the garden and an oak pergola to make a feature and support for climbers on the sunny side designed as somewhere to sit. Pleached hornbeam have been planted to give a level of screening above the rear fence which will give some privacy.

Oak gazebo and summer house
Close-up of oak gazebo
View along paving with brick border
Curved brick water feature with large pebbles
Large paving up to front door