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Gravel Garden

This is a back garden to a new house which had been left with grey paving and a poorly drained lawn. There was nothing of interest to look at out of the windows but the fences surrounding the plot. The customers wanted something bright, interesting and easy to maintain and which included seating areas in the morning and evening sunshine. We designed and built a garden with gravel rather than grass as the unifying feature, and with raised beds and a pergola to give height and structure all built from natural and reclaimed materials. The pergola was stained grey to match the house and fence, and a number of interesting objects owned by the customers were included within the gravel garden and add real interest. Built-in garden lighting makes this a lovely space to look out onto in the evening as well as the daytime.

Gravel garden with circular pave area
View to seating area in gravel garden
Raised bed and wooden pergola in gravel garden
View of gravel garden in front of brick house
View of gravel garden along fence
Close-up of rock and pebbles