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A Grand Design - Garden

Key to the design of the house is the integration of the enclosed back garden space with the internal living areas. Large sliding doors can be opened at the back of the house to leave the inside and outside spaces feeling open and continuous when required. The central water feature is seen right through the house from the moment you enter the front door and straight away draws the eye through to the garden behind. The careful choice of pavings and edgings, which carry the colour palette of the house (white, grey, blue and terracotta) into the garden, is also important. The main garden level is terraced up to the house level whilst planted areas sit at lower levels on either side. A cedar shingled gazebo built underneath the tree will give a pleasant evening space in which to sit and look back at the house.

garden design stafford water feature
cedar shingle gazebo seating area
paving water feature fountain
garden design staffordshire
cedar shingled gazebo roof