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Garden for Meditation

This long back garden was previously divided into sections with an assortment of paths, raised beds and other structures. The brief was to unite the garden into one with good views down from the conservatory where the client spends a lot of time, to include a water feature, and to provide quiet spaces for small groups to meet and meditate. We brought the garden together by building a single long raised bed along the higher boundary with a top wide enough to for a seat, and a single sweeping lawn leading from the terrace by the house down to a circular oak gazebo at the bottom which provides both a focal point and a place to sit and look back up the garden. The water feature forms two parts, a millstone fountain which looks towards the house at the terrace level, and a spill down into a wildlife pool at the level of the lawn. The whole garden is subtly lit at night so that instead of a dark evening space it comes to life and looks warm and friendly from the house.

 a garden for meditation with house and water feature
view down garden from water feature
close up of paving
close up of curved paving
water feature and gazebo
close up of stone water feature