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Contemporary Garden Room

This brand new house with vaulted ceilings and a contemporary finish where we have previously carried out landscaping to the back garden lacked an eating/living space linked to the garden. We designed a vaulted ceilinged extension to match the house in style and materials which has had the effect of changing the axis inside the house, making a beautiful living/dining space running across the house, and letting a lot of light into the main living area with large roof lights and flat roof windows. Built around a steel structure to give the impression of a light and open structure and finished with high quality aluminium windows and details this has transformed the living spaces and their relationship to the outside space. Importantly, it looks as if it was designed and built with the original house, and not a later addition.

Vaulted roof
Vaulted roof close-up
Vaulted roof whole external view
View of extension from right
Extension finished and furnished