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Basement Garden

This basement level apartment in a city centre had only a small basement level courtyard at the back of the house with damp problems, paint peeling on the concrete rendered walls and paving which had gone green. Important views out of the house meant that it needed to be interesting, eye catching and inviting as well as providing an evening entertaining space. We designed and built a garden with reclaimed brick arches and pillars set with bronze tinted mirrors to give a sense of history, colour and depth. The remaining rendered walls were covered with a contemporary cedar slatted screen with a lime wash to link it to the colour of the house walls. Some of the dark stone paving was removed to include a tiled square to brighten up the paved area. Shallow planting beds give a sense of greenery with mainly shade tolerant plants, and built-in lighting make the area warm and friendly at night.

Basement garden with reclaimed brick
Archways built using reclaimed brick
Close-up of top of reclaimed brick archway
View from above of basement garden
Planting on top of stone pillar
Red tiled floor in courtyard