design plans of a grand design

Our Services

The most important thing to us is to design and build something beautiful and enduring for you. Finding the best way to approach this is key to achieving the best result within your budget.

The way we work

There are broadly speaking two ways in which we can work for you. Discussions about which approach suits yourself or the scheme best often arise once an initial design and budget has been decided.

Design and contracting

We can work as a design and contracting business, where we agree a design and cost for carrying out the work and then undertake the project for you on a fixed price. Many of our smaller schemes and garden design projects are carried out in this way. There is always a detailed costing in place before work is carried out, which gives a good reference point if we want to change things as we go along, but importantly you know exactly what the scheme will cost you before we start work.

Design and management

Another way that we can work is by providing design and project management services. Here we would typically work more like an architect/designer and project manager, designing and costing a scheme, and then working on site full- or part-time to supervise and run a project in partnership with you or on your behalf. Most of our larger and more complex schemes work best this way since it leaves maximum flexibility and often significantly reduces the costs of the work.